We are sorry! Our custom orders are on Paws for the time being.

Please browse our ready-made pets to take home.

  • Current Pricing:

    $239 per pup/cat

  • Current Turnaround:

    6 weeks production time

  • Current Shipping:


  • Just how custom can you get with your Pet Replica?

    Thanks to our special handmade felting process, we can reproduce nearly any coat color or pattern, snout shape, ear shape… even nose color! Just make sure to include photos of any special markings.

    Are you tired of folks who aren’t as interested in your dog or cat as you are? You’re in luck - we want see and hear everything you have to share! This will help us make your pet replica dreams come true.

  • Before we begin, here’s what you’ll need:

    • multiple photos of your pet (the more angles you provide, the better we will be able to capture their physique, unique markings, and color!)
    • your pet’s name, age, and breed
    • any additional details or descriptions of your pet that will help us capture their spirit
    • a form of payment

My Pet Replicas are soft sculptures and not a traditional stuffed animal. Care instructions can be found here!