Frequently Asked Questions

How should I care for my Pet Replica?

Need to give your Pet Replica a bath? We recommend spot cleaning their wool coats with clear (uncolored) soap and warm water. Gently rub the dirty area and then pat dry with a clean cloth. My Pet Replicas are not machine washable.

Wool, like all natural fibers, is susceptible to color fading from direct sunlight. Please protect your Pet Replicas from direct sunlight.

Nap brushes and lint brushes can keep your Pet Replica’s coat looking smooth and freshly groomed.

My Pet Replicas are soft sculptures and not a traditional stuffed animal. We recommend gentle handling.

Are My Pet Replicas appropriate for children or real dogs?

We use all-natural pure (primarily Merino or Maori) wool for our dogs and cats, and only the best safety eyes and noses. However, My Pet Replicas are soft sculptures and not a traditional stuffed animal. We recommend gentle handling only, and no rough play or tight hugs! With the right care, these heirloom pieces will last for generations.

My Pet Replicas are not appropriate as toys for real dogs. Dogs may see them as a tasty treat, but chewing or eating parts of a My Pet Replica could be harmful to them.

Same goes for children! For the safety of your child and the longevity of your Pet Replica, close supervision and gentle handling is recommended. Again, we do use safety eyes and noses, but My Pet Replicas are not a traditional plushie, toy, or stuffed animal. Not recommended for ages 3 and below, not recommended for rough play.

What size are My Pet Replicas?

The average size of a My Pet Replica is 8 inches long and average weight is approximately 7 ounces. Some are slightly bigger, some are slightly smaller. Check out our creation process page to see some Pets being handled!

My Pet Replica Minis are 4” to 5” long, depending on length of tail!

I didn’t receive an order confirmation email, what do I do?

Check your spam or junk folder, as it may have gotten sent there on accident… but we know how emails can pile up and become hard to find, so if you need us to re-send your order confirmation email, just let us know at!

Where do you ship?

We can ship all over the world! Orders are shipped Monday-Friday only (excluding federal holidays). Delivery times will vary depending on your address. Please note that customs can cause unexpected delays on international orders. Import or duty fees may apply to international orders. Please contact the postal service of the destination country for additional information on the fees and their import process.

More info can be found on our Shipping/Returns page.

My question wasn’t answered here.

Shoot us an email with your question, comment, or concern! Reach out to and we will reply to you as quickly as possible.